Kitchener-Waterloo Out Of The Cold

Last Update: May 31, 2017


How To Help KWOOTC:




The single most valuable thing in the world is your time and energy.

The only difference between the general public and Volunteers is Volunteers make committments to regularly show up and pitch in, and do so, consistently.

We could use your help.

If you would like to do so, please:

  • Pick the day of the week that works best for you.
  • Pick the frequency that works best for you.
    Different locations operate as best suits them, but usually we suggest no more frequently than every other week, at first.
  • Pick the time of day that works best for you.
  • Pick the area in which you would like to spend your time with us, if how matters to you, from the [task descriptions].
  • Consult our list of [locations] and contact as indicated.
    When you do so, please be sure to mention your preferred day of the week, frequency, time of day, and, if any, task area.




KWOOTC’s greatest need is always your time and energy as a volunteer.

KWOOTC is not currently actively seeking donations.

KWOOTC is not in and of itself an entity, but rather a loose federation of casually associated organizations united in operating their programs along shared principles, gathered together in common cause of mutual concern. For example, this web site, or in occassional Steering Committee meetings to consider cross-location issues.

As such, KWOOTC is not itself a chartiable organization and has no bank account. It cannot, for example, receive monetary donations or issue tax receipts. Each individual organization, however, is, and does.


Donating Funds To A KWOOTC Program

Each individual KWOOTC location is run independently by its own organization as an outreach project of its host. Funding is provided by the host, and other churches, community groups, and interested individuals. Each organization controls its own financial needs, including any fund raising, purchasing, issuing of tax receipts, and so on.

As a result, to be received, as KWOOTC is not in and of itself a standalone entity, fund donations must be directed to each individual program. ([Contact] the KWOOTC Convenor for more information and assistance.) For example, to donate to the Friday night program at First you would make your cheque out to ‘First United Church – Out of the Cold’. This directs your donation to the trust solely designated for use by its Out of the Cold program, at First, a registered charity, Each location has similar trusts for use by its Out of the Cold program, as you direct. Receipts are issued by their host organizations.


Other Donations To A KWOOTC Program

KWOOTC’s greatest need is always your time and energy as a volunteer.

KWOOTC is not currently actively seeking donations.

In particular, KWOOTC is not actively seeking donations of clothing or other items.

As KWOOTC is no longer an overnight program, interest in clothing is substantially diminished, and as our homeless guests no longer attend, clothing donated to KWOOTC no longer reaches those most in need.

As each individual KWOOTC location is a winter only, one night per week, evening program, storage space is quite constrained, and there is little capacity to carry out the preparations necessary to ensure clothing is safe and appropriate.

Instead, we highly recommend you make your donations to one of the following excellent organizations:

K-W Emergency Shelters (See Guest Help / Pocket Chart, above):

Other Local Organizations:


Please note that few KWOOTC locations offer clothing at all, which must be mainstream and seasonally appropriate. As volunteer capacity and the donated storge space is extremely limited, items not meeting such criteria must of necessity be simply disposed of - contrary to your intent in making the donation in the first place. If there is any question at all as to suitability, please consider the organizations listed above - being much larger, full time organizations, they have greater capacity to see your donations put to good use.



Some locations offer a very limited selection of items to guests, such as personal toiletries, freely upon request. Please consult each [Location] for items they may currently have on their particular wishlist.

Also, please consider these wishlists from other organizations: