Kitchener-Waterloo Out Of The Cold

Last Update: May 31, 2017



Student Video


The coordinator at St. Johns Lutheran Church had 3 students do a project on Out of the Cold in Feb 2010. The movie below is from their presentation.


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Out of the Cold - Lyrics
By: Matthew Hintermayer, Brittany Kane, and Mike Chadwick
(This song is about how homeless are looked down upon and how
people should realize that a lot of them lost everything that they had)


The world we live in is full of the rich and the poor.
Sometimes their silence says more then their words ever could.

Ever could

Few possessions left to hold onto.
No companion by my side.
Left out on the street for the night.
Out in the cold I sleep tonight.

The way this happened was far from your thoughts, so unreal.
I had it all but was torn through the worst of times.

But thank God its not you tonight.


But thank god its not you tonight X2

I don’t know, and I don’t see,
What this world has against me
But these lives that we have lived
And these things we could be.

A distant light is forming now,
But it’s just slightly out of reach
One last look at the sight, (one last breath I close my eyes)
One last chance to make it right.