Kitchener-Waterloo Out Of The Cold

Last Update: May 31, 2017



The Jacket


Out Of The Cold, a man came in
His jacket all torn, ripped and thin
How it kept the cold away I do not know
My offer to hang it up, was met with a NO!

“My coat is more valuable than gold”
“It does more than keep out the cold”
“It carries all I own in its fold”
“Except what I can wear”, I was told.

Now could this be a fable? I thought
Could a coat be that valuable? But
Were not other things more important to him?
Than a coat all torn, threadbare and thin?

He continued his tale, I sat most devout,
“When I was sixteen my mom threw me out”
“Now you may think it was sad”
“But really it was not that bad”

“I found a place on the streets for free”
“Joining the bikers, a new family”
“My jacket spoke for me that day”
“It let them know I was O.K.”

“My jacket opens doors, speaks aloud for me”
“It is a powerful passport, much like I.D.”
“With a single look people can see”
“My whole life’s history”

Then I left him to his dinner you see
As it was my turn to eat for free
And then I overheard a woman complain,
“I only wish I had warm mittens again”

I just turned around
She was easily found
Bare hands and a coat so torn and thin
I gave her my mitts to keep her hands in

But she said “What about your hands, sir”
“Won’t they get cold and need the fur?”
I said “I’ve many other pairs, so you see
I can gladly give you these mittens from me”

I went downtown today
To shop and walk the way
My eyes have been opened, now I can see
The people to help are all around me

Again I saw a torn old cloak
I thought to me about these folk
How could it be in a land of plenty
That they were cold and so hungry

They seem to be
So much like me
Have we forgotten humanity
In our most modern society

How could a coat to keep out the cold
Become worth more than precious gold
I asked my God, why not free
All these people from their misery

He spoke aloud to me that day
“I made you to help in the way”
“When you help them, you help Me”
“To remove suffering eternally”

“No one will be cold or hungry”
“No one in pain or even angry”
“All can be free on that day”
“To live and fear not, OK!”

“All this can happen my son,”
“You must believe it can be done”
“I cannot do it all alone you see”
“That is why I make people like thee.”


Michael Savage
March 17, 1999


At the time of writing, K-W OOTC had just opened its doors, on a trial basis, the month before.

At the time of
this writing, 18 years later, K-W OOTC's doors are still open ...