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Homelessness to Housing Stability - Region of Waterloo Publications


  • Housing Stability Data Summary 2015/2016
  • The Community Guide to End Homelessness in Waterloo Region - This Community Guide provides information on ways to get involved in helping to end homelessness in Waterloo region. The guide is organized by the learn, lend and lead themes.
  • 2016/17 Pocket Card
  • Emergency Shelter Programs in Waterloo Region Brochure
  • Out of the Cold Transitions: Final 2014/2015 Evaluation Report (Aug 2015)
  • Housing Stability System Brochures and Booklets
    • Emergency Shelter Programs in Waterloo Region
    • Street Outreach Programs in Waterloo Region
    • Housing Help
    • Time-Limited Residence Programs in Waterloo Region
    • Affordable Housing and Supportive Housing Programs in Waterloo Region
    • STEP Home
    • Lived Experience as Expertise Manual
    • Housing Options for Older Adults Living in Waterloo Region
    • Waterloo Region Energy Assistance Program
    • Make It A Home Access Guide
    • 2016/17 Pocket Card
  • Inventory of Housing Stability Programs in Waterloo Region (2011)
    • Emergency Shelter
    • Street Outreach
    • Housing Retention and Re-Housing
    • Time-Limited Residence
    • Affordable Housing and Supportive Housing
    • Additional Inventory resources include:
      • List of All Housing Stability Programs
  • Data Reports
  • Ending Family Homelessness
  • Family Shelter Diversion Pilot (2013-2015):
  • Homelessness to Housing Stability Strategy (2012) and Background Reports
    • The Policy Framework
    • The Action Framework
    • The Strategy Summary Sheet
    • Nine background reports (see below), plus the Inventory (see above) were used to inform the update process.
      • LGBTQ Populations and the Shelter System
      • Promising Principles and Practices in Housing Options for Youth Experiencing Homelessness in Waterloo Region
      • STEP Home Year 3 Evaluation Report
      • STEP Home Flex Fund Report: June 2008 - June 2010
      • STEP Home Housing Report
      • STEP Home Services Report
      • Hearing the Voices: Learnings from Kitchener-Waterloo Out of the Cold
      • The Story of SHOW: Development and Early Impact of Supportive Housing of Waterloo
      • We’ll Leave the Lights On For You: Housing Options For People Experiencing Persistent Homelessness Who Use Substances (Alcohol and/or Drugs)
      • Program Review Resource Guide: Selected Longer Term Housing Stability Programs for People Experiencing Persistent Homelessness in Hamilton, Toronto and Ottawa
  • Homelessness to Housing Stability Strategy (2007-2010) and Background Reports
    • All Roads Lead to Home: The Homelessness to Housing Stability Strategy
    • Region of Waterloo’s Role in Homelessness: A Discussion Document (2004)
  • Understanding Homelessness and Housing Stability Experienced by Adults in Waterloo Region’s Urban Areas
  • Community Plans for the Federal Government’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy
  • Homelessness to Housing Stability Strategy Summary Series
    • Introduction to the Homelessness to Housing Stability Strategy
    • Focus on Aboriginal Populations
    • Focus on Economic Homelessness
    • Focus on LGBTQ Populations
    • Focus on Mental Health
    • Focus on Newcomers to Canada
    • Focus on Older Adults
    • Focus on Persistent Homelessness
    • Focus on People with Disabilities
    • Focus on Rural Populations
    • Focus on Substance Use
    • Focus on Youth
    • Housing Stability Language Guide (updated April 2012)
    • Homelessness to Housing Stability Strategy Summary Series (full series)
  • Documents for Service Providers
    • Emergency Shelters
      • Emergency Shelter Program Framework (2017)
      • Region of Waterloo Emergency Shelter Guidelines (2007)
      • Emergency Shelter Information and Referral Guide (2013)
    • Housing Help Plus Pilot
    • STEP Home Cambridge Team Pilot
    • Subsidized Supportive Housing
    • Documents for HIFIS
  • SPDAT Materials
    • Families
    • Single Adults
    • Single Youth
  • Housing Support Services
    • Rent Arrears and Deposits Flow Chart


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