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Last Update: May 31, 2017


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What can I do to eliminate Homelessness in Canada?


  • Support events that raise money for the homeless. Learn more about mental illness at websites like Canadian Mental Health Association.
  • Become a foster parent.
  • Become a Big Sister or Big Brother.
  • Learn ways to prevent alcohol and drug addiction in your family.
  • Raise awareness or money for homeless initiatives through your workplace or social / church group.
  • Encourage the local and provincial government to create more subsidized, low-rent, and supportive housing units, and welcome these into your neighbourhood.
  • Conduct a “random act of kindness” everyday.
  • Learn more about homelessness at websites like Stop Homelessness.
  • Ask your school trustees to include education on homelessness in schools.The Homelessness & Housing Umbrella Group has created lesson plans for teachers of elementary students.
  • Attend Homelessness Awareness Week Events in May.
  • Volunteer. For an hour. Somewhere. Anywhere. (If everybody volunteered somewhere they find engaging, everybody will be doing something, something will be done by everybody, and everything will be done by everybody.)
    • Cheapest night out you’ll find. Certainly more rewarding.

Other ideas and information on homelessness can be found via the menus above.

You can find other ideas in the excellent book by Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff, 54 Ways to Help the Homeless.